Facts about electronic cigarettes October 19, 2013 at 12:32 am

v2 electronic cigsV2 Electronic cigarettes have hit the market and they are increasingly becoming popular. Also known as e-cigarettes; they are devices, which are smoke free providing a recreational alternative to the tobacco cigarettes. They resemble the tobacco cigarettes so much such that they can be mistaken for them. Both the electronic and tobacco cigarettes have nicotine content, but the electronic cigarettes have no tobacco content. Instead they comprise of a mechanism that heats liquid nicotine solutions creating vapor.

The proponents of electronic cigarettes say that the vapor is significantly advantageous compared to cigarette smoke. Health experts and government regulators are not sure about this hence have not fully embraced the idea of electronic cigarettes. Studies suggest that electronic cigarettes are a sure way of helping smokers deal with the dependence of tobacco. Researches say electronic cigarettes are promising when it comes to fighting against diseases that are tobacco related such as heart diseases, lung cancer and stroke.

There is facts about v2 electronic cigs fans that can help people who are unsure of the electronic cigarettes decide whether to try them or not. Electronic cigs are smokeless; they appear similar as the traditional cigarettes except that they do not require a match or lighter. The electronic cigarettes are devices operated by batteries, which offer a smokeless alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The slim design of electronic cigarettes holds a vaporizing chamber, a battery and liquid nicotine cartridge. Users of the electronic cigarettes puff them in a similar way as the regular cigarettes. Puffing heats up the liquid nicotine transforming it into vapor. Inhaling and exhaling the nicotine vapor is similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette except that there is no burning, or production of smoke or odor.

Just like the traditional tobacco cigarettes the V2 electronic cigarettes contain nicotine. However, their nicotine content is quite comparable. Some contain less nicotine while others contain more nicotine while some have no nicotine at all. The nicotine content in electronic cigarettes depends on the content of the cartridge. Different nicotine solutions are available depending on their strength.

The electronic cigarettes are devices, which can be re-used, hence need some upkeep. The users need to recharge batteries regularly. The frequency of recharging depends on the device and the use of battery. The users are also expected to refill or resupply the nicotine cartridges with new nicotine solutions. The food and drug Administration in the United States intends to label these devices as drug delivery devices. Currently the electronic cigarettes are not under FDA regulations.

The electronic cigarettes are not intended for the young generation especially children and teenagers. However there are many flavors of liquid nicotine that have come up such as strawberry, chocolate and mint which are appealing to them. Because the electronic cigarettes are marketed and sold online, young people can easily have access to them. Electronic cigarettes offer a healthier alternative to smoking but this does not mean that they should be sold to those less than 18 years.