A Guide for Seasonal Tree Care

Your trees can be the most important part of your landscaping. Full healthy trees can not only help make your home look beautiful, but are good for the air and can shade your home when it’s warm, lowering AC costs. Read on for a step by step guide on how to care for your trees differently as the seasons change. For professional tree removal and tree services DC, refer to D & A Dunlevy.


1. Provide good drainage. When temperatures dip below freezing, soil contracts and expands more and can push roots upwards out of the soil. Improve drainage from the beginning by mixing sand and compost into the soil when you plant the tree.
2. Don’t let your tree lose water and roots and leaves find it harder to absorb moisture. Dry winds and little rain can cause dehydration very easily. To prevent your tree from dying, water it until the ground freezes. This will provide a good store of water through the frozen days.
3. Mulch happens naturally as leaves, broken branches, and other organic objects will bunch up around the base of the tree. The mulch can regulate the temperature at the bottom of the tree, protect the roots and enrich the soil around the tree. Facilitate or recreate this process by covering the base of your own trees with leaves and soil.

1. Make sure to clear away any decorations from the holidays. We are all guilty of leaving up our Christmas lights too long every few years, but leaving lights wrapped around tree trunks can stunt growth.
2. Rake away any mulch or debris from the base of your trees. As the temperatures warm, these organic materials can trap heat and moisture and cause fungal diseases to develop.
3. Lay mulch around the tree, but not up against the trunk. This can help the soil around the roots hold onto moisture if the air is still dry and can discourage weeds from growing and stealing nutrients from the tree.
4. Clip and remove any branches that have died, been damaged or broken. Once the tree regains the leaves it lost over the winter, it will be easy for your to see which branches are dead and no longer growing leaves.


1. Soil care is very important during the summer. If you are experiencing droughts in your area, soak the soil when you can, but no not over water and drown the tree.
2. Japanese beetles and bagworm are common in the summer months. Consult a professional about what you can do to prevent pests from ruining your trees.
3. Continue the pruning you began in the Spring, removing dried out and dead branches when you can. Also, continue adding mulch, making sure the mulch is more than 2 inches thick.
4. Be careful about using herbicides or weed killers near your tree. Some chemicals used to wipe out dandelions are actually very harmful to some trees.


1. Trees can use nutrients if the summer is hot and then again if the winter is harsh. During the autumn months, use fertilizer to replenish nutrients and help the tree store up for winter. This way it will be stronger and more able to fight away frost, disease, and insect damage.
2. Do the same with water. Hydrate the trees’ roots to prepare them for winter. You can use an injection probe to subsurface water; distribute water into the top 12 inches of soil.
3. You may not believe it since harsh winter is right around the corner, but autumn is the best time to have D & A Dunlevy plant new trees for you. The temperature is cooler when summer comes to an end and during the fall months, young trees can build root mass and build up nutrients to prepare for winter.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Redesigning your kitchen is something you do very rarely. So, when you make decisions about new kitchen design you have to choose the one you will like for years, which means you have to choose wisely. Kitchen remodeling can include a lot of time and money spent. It is not just the place people use for cooking, but also a place for entertaining people. It should be functional but also look good and be appealing. If you decided to remodel your kitchen, next logical step is to come up with creative and original ideas. Functional space has great importance, which means planning should include the need for easy and comfortable working area.

Utensil cabinet

Design your utensil cabinets in a way to create maximum space for storage of your kitchen utensils. They should be easy to reach and allow you not to have to storage utensils on the countertop. Also, you could keep cooking utensils that you frequently use within reach if you add steel bar above the stove top.


Corner storage

It’s always a good idea to use all of the available space in a most effective way. One way to do that is by adding corner storage into your kitchen. Without it, that area is wasted. This is the place where kitchen utilities are in a hands reach and are exactly where you need them. Also if you want to check out some good painting company near Boston just click here.


They can be made from natural materials for example marble or from synthetic material like ceramic tiles. You can also choose from a large variety of colors, shapes, patterns and sizes required to fit your needs. What’s important is to have good quality countertops so they can last a very long time. It also has to be easy to clean.


For kitchen flooring you can use tiles or carpet, whatever you prefer the most. The best would be to go for a material that’s easy to clean, for anti-slip flooring so you don’t have some kind of accident. It helps if you don’t lack creativity, to achieve tasteful looking elegant appealing kitchen.


When you decide to remodel your kitchen you have to considerate what the appropriate lighting would be. Should you use LED lighting or fluorescent lighting? Well, the fluorescent last longer, use less electrical power so in conclusion they are less expensive. What is necessary is also under-cabinet lighting, for creating nice kitchen atmosphere. The right lighting can also create an illusion of a bigger space.

Finally, what’s important for successful kitchen remodel is to get new equipment. You shouldn’t keep old outdated equipment just because of sentimental value or to save a little money. Old appliances should be thrown away to make space for new ones, and also to avoid any kind of electrical problem or accidents.

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