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Digital marketing campaign can be executed without a plan. This can easily be compared with an example of a car, that you haven’t decided the destination or direction of your route. This may be considered as a fun and perhaps it is too much exciting. It is highly doubtful that you will reach your future destination.

There is an additional challenge in digital marketing that the journey of your final destination is often not clear. There are multiple digital marketing campaigns with different planning process.

Justin Lafferty at ADWEEK has composed this useful article about success in digital marketing campaigns:

How to Launch a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign in 2016
The good news: 2016 can be a fresh start for your digital marketing campaigns.

By Justin Lafferty|January 29, 2016

Maybe you struggled in 2015.

The good news: 2016 can be a fresh start for your digital marketing campaigns.

Bulldog Digital Media put together a handy infographic, showing tips and tricks for creating and launching a winning digital marketing campaign that’ll really work this year: blending SEO, mobile and social marketing techniques.

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There are few examples of digital marketing campaigns like Mc Whopper, groceries not gun, straight outta somewhere and many others. The planning process of digital marketing campaign involves review and action your lessons learned.

It means that before starting to plan a campaign, it is very important to learn from your previous mistakes. This is also referred as “lessons learned”. If you can easily avoid your past mistakes your campaign will definitely have a path to success.

Read what Chris Holloway has to say at about mixing print and digital:

How To Combine Print And Digital Marketing Campaigns

Chris Holloway

To the digitally devoted, the idea of print marketing might seem like something from a bygone era.

But rest assured – print is not dead.

Inevitably, the medium has had to move over to make room for the explosive rise of digital, but it’s far from becoming a niche format. Some traditionally digital based companies have even started to see the benefits of producing printed magazines or content rich brochures to market their brand (more about that later).

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Secondly the next step is to consult your business goals. This is the specific way through which you can easily ensure that your campaign support your business goals. This is a technique which will help you to make progress in your business.

This video by Fanatics Media about How to build a digital marketing campaign might also be useful:

When you are planning a digital marketing campaign it is very important to think away from digital marketing, so that you can have best results.

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