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How I Learned to Sleep Better by Planning Out My Day and Crushing My Goals

Best Day Planners
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night panting, sweating, just wondering what you are going to do tomorrow? This happens to the best people. It happens because most working people are so busy doing many things at once that we panic about things we may have possibly forgotten.

These middle-of-the-night spells can easily be eluded if we are organized. When we plot our activities days ahead, we can sleep better knowing that what we need to accomplish has been plotted in our organizer—whether it’s online or in a hard copy.

It’s actually ironic how some people experience sleeping problems when this is one activity we’ve innately learned since the day we were born. From our Day 1 on earth, we have been sleeping—most of the days, in fact, were spent just snoozing. But as we get older, sleep sometimes evade us, sleep is sometimes too infrequent. The biggest impact that affects sleeping habits is stress. Thinking too much about what had been done and what needs to be done troubles the brain and affects how a person sleeps.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers insufficient sleep a public health problem. The center also reports that 50 to 70 million of Americans have a sleeping problem. Sleeping is actually not just an exercise during the night. You may sleep at night but it is a whole-day process. And planning the day makes the 24-hour process of sleeping right easier.

The first and most important step in sleeping better is to wake up on schedule. This is where a plan comes in handy. You should identify the appropriate time when you should wake up. Appropriate means you have enough time to do things without hurrying up, because when you work at a faster pace, it induces stress. Plan, plan early plan often, without a plan you plan to fail. And stress is exactly what we have to evade. You should have enough time to prepare your breakfast, eat and dress for work. If you can throw in exercise, that will actually do wonders in your sleeping habits.

We all need breaks at work. But if it’s a break used for keeping up on social media, that’s probably not a good idea. Because that means you are wasting time on social media when you should be doing your work. That said, you will be behind on your work and again, stress will be induced because you will have to think about a backlog. You should always go back to your planner and follow the schedule.

When you get off work, if you can, you should leave all thoughts of work in the office. Your home should be your sanctuary. That’s where you can catch up on social media and do relaxing stuff. The most important thing is that you stick to your plan. In life, things don’t always go exactly as planned, but at least, when you stick to a specific plan and nature messes it up, you’re not bound to stray far from it.
Here are some steps to a good night sleep:
1. Stick to a sleeping schedule—when you wake up and sleep.
2. Exercise.
3. Eat healthy food.
4. Leave work-related stress at home.
5. Invest In A Day Planner.

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