How to Vote For Elections on The Web

We live in an era of technology, and it’s no wonder everything has become digitalized and available online, even voting for elections. Have you already heard of this? If not, we’ll explain everything to you, from benefits of online voting, to explaining how you can actually vote online.

What is Electronic Voting?

Electronic voting is, simply explained, voting using electronic software to either help or completely take care of the obligations that come with casting and counting votes. This system can be implemented with specific functions that can include a range of other internet services. Some systems provide only basic data transmission, but there are also many advanced systems that allow full function online voting through technological devices every person possess, such as cellphones and computers.

How Does a Worthy Electronic System Look Like?

A worthy e-voting system must have a high degree of automation, meaning it must include, and be able to complete the following:

• voter registration and authentication
• vote input
• local or precinct calculating
• vote data encryption and transmission to servers
• vote consolidation and tabulation
• election administration

This task cannot be performed if any of them doesn’t comply with a set of standards that has been established by regulatory bodies. Besides all the mentioned, in order to avoid misuse and malpractice, this system must have strong security. It must be 100% accurate, and it must be designed in a way to protect the integrity and the privacy of the voters.


For now, there are two main types of electronic voting that can be clearly identified. In the first type, voting is supervised by regulatory bodies or governmental representatives. The second type of electronic voting is called remote voting because it is performed through the internet. If you decide for i-voting, you vote at home, using your cellphone or computer. With online voting, there is no need of visiting a polling station.

Pros of Online Voting

• Accessibility – vote from home, school or your office. There won’t be any more excuses about one not being able to vote because of weather, distance, obligations etc.
• There will be no interference with any candidate influences or tampering with the votes
• Voting would increase dramatically because of this convenient method
• Cost-effective – there wouldn’t be a need to hire security around polling booths, supply expensive machines and staff voting booths
• Schools and other convenient places wouldn’t have to occasionally serve as polling locations
• We would never have to wait in a long line to vote again!
• Voting would be consistent and the votes would be tallied in real time
• Voting methods would finally be standardized across the nation and because of this the number of voters would increase
• Online voting seems natural to younger citizens who are keeping pace with the modern times

How to Vote on the Web?

Voting on the web is simple as clicking on EZ Vote – elections online. You just need to visit this link, become their client and log into your client account to create and administer your elections. If you aren’t ready yet for this, and need to look for more information, you should definitely visit their site to get familiarized with this efficient voting system. If we trust our computers for banking, taxes, student loan applications and online purchases, why wouldn’t we trust an online voting program?