Yoga Montreal downtown

The awareness of a healthy lifestyle today is greater than ever before. In this rapid pace of everyday life, it is very hard to find enough time for yourself, when you can forget all obligations and troubles at least for a while, get rid of all stress and relax.

Stress usually accumulates in our muscles. When we sit, we feel the tension in various parts of our body, especially in the back, neck and shoulders. Besides this, we are overwhelmed by the noise that constantly and crowdedness that constantly surrounds us. We have almost forgotten how it looks like to sit quietly in some serene place and enjoy the silence and music of nature that feeds the soul and make us stronger. We are constantly striving towards comfort and accumulating a greater wealth, and we have almost forgotten that our health, inner peace, and happiness are the greatest treasure.

Yoga is an ancient art that shows us the way towards that happiness, health, relaxation, inner peace, and balance. It is not just about physical exercise, but also about relaxation, concentration, proper diet, and positive thinking. Yoga is a way of life that helps us preserve the health and achieve an inner peace and satisfaction. Therefore it is not surprising that it survived through all these years and became so popular in our modern world.

Yoga training in a good studio

Yoga Montreal downtown studio is opened for everybody who wants to take part in this great ancient discipline. Yoga classes for beginners and advanced exercisers offer a variety of programs. Exercising is organized in small groups in a cozy space full of light and positive energy. Once you finish with your exercises, you will feel relaxed, and you will have a pleasant feeling in your body and muscles. You will be completely satisfied, and you will not feel fatigue.
yoga studio

Why should you practice yoga?

Yoga can eliminate back pain, increase flexibility and body strength, improve concentration, relax and refresh the mind. Exercising stimulates metabolism, helps the body to use oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to get rid of stress and strengthen the body and immune system so that you can to fight any disease and make aging slower.
Yoga is an art that harmonizes the body and mind. It is a perfect art that connects the movements of the body and breathing. Great attention is given to learning various breathing techniques. Breathing exercises – pranayama, supply the body with a larger amount of oxygen, which speeds up the metabolic processes and helps the body make better use of nutrients. At the mental level, breathing exercises improve concentration, relax and refresh the mind. Breathing exercises purify the energy channels, eliminate energy blockages and balance the body and mind.

Yoga is done in a peaceful environment. There should not be any noise during practicing so that you can hear your body and breathing. There should be no mirrors in which you can check your position. There should be no additional external stimuli senses. In silence, you have a chance to hear yourself and feel your body and your inner energy. After several months of training, you will notice that you breathe deeper and feel that you have more energy. Yoga develops an awareness of your body, posture, and breathing. A regular exercising will teach you how to listen to your body and become more aware of its real needs.