How The Little Mercedes Benz That Could Inspired My Daughter

Useful Story Telling Tips

Telling bedtime stories to your little ones will not only help them have a better sleep but can help them deal with emotions. In a fast changing world with technology and cars, kids will find themselves involved with these things in one way or another. Kids too have emotions just like adults and stories can help them deal with their emotions in their young life. Telling stories especially to young kids is not easy, as always, stories will begin with a problem to be solved but somewhere in the middle a challenge needs to be solved without obstacles; a good story shouldn’t hurt feelings of your young listener. Little ones will love a happy ending.

There is this bedtime story that I used to share with my 4 year old daughter on many occasions about 3 racing Mercedes cars. She really loved it. Every Sunday afternoon, big Mercedes car, medium Mercedes car and small Mercedes car would participate in a timed race and invite their friends to cheer them on. To complete the race, the cars had to speed through a tiny stream before crossing the finish line. It was always big car or medium car who on the race, small car had never won any race and the other 2 cars would really tease him.

Narrating on the small car defeat was getting trickier because I could notice my daughter’s change of emotion though she never said anything. I went on with my story. One sunny afternoon, the cars were racing towards the river which was close to the finish line. Suddenly, my daughter politely interrupted, “isn’t small car going to win a race yet?, quitting is his best option” I quickly figured out that I had to change my narration and continued with the story.

By the time the cars were crossing the stream, big Mercedes was in the lead closely followed by small Mercedes and medium this time was behind. Suddenly, big Mercedes came to a halt and his big chrome rims were spinning but he was not moving! He was stuck. Everybody was urging small car to pass Mercedes car and win the race. Amazingly, small car stopped and pushed big car out of the water. In the struggle, medium car raced past them and won the race. Soon big car and small car were out of the stream and big car finished second while small car finished last as always.

Despite the loss, all the cheers were going to small car for his effort in helping his friend. Later in the day, big car asked small car “why did you help me even after I have been rude to you”. Small car smiled and replied, “Friends are always there for each other”. Big car apologized to small car and promised to teach him to race. From that day onwards, big car and medium car never teased small car again. They all had happy racing. Small car learnt to race faster and won many races thanks to his kindness.

By the end of the story, my little girl’s face was beaming with happiness. Changing my narration and considering her emotions had worked. When kids listen to stories, they not only improve their vocabulary but also work on their feelings or thoughts since they understand the emotions of others. This helps boost their social skills. In the end of my story, I try to show my daughter that life is bigger than car racing. Perseverance and kindness are virtues that she has learnt from the Mercedes car race story and I hope that she continues learning more from my stories.